No Bounds Festival
Man and Machine

Man and Machine was created as a site specific public installation for No Bounds Festival in October 2017 at Trafalgar Warehouse, a 1930’s industrial building sitting in the heart of Sheffield.

The 2m by 2.5m mixed media installation hung from the girders as a visual peice, whilst the public danced and watched live performances from a plethora of international musical artists.

Preserving traditional methods of making processes is integral to the ethos of this  piece. Inspired by the notion of technology and it’s influences on human interaction and behavioral development, the components are considered, as they sit together and play with the audience’s perception of the man made versus the machine made.

An experimental bespoke film including stop motion animation, showcasing Sheffield’s urban and rural environment and the element of human existence within it.

Trafalgar Warehouse/Hope Works, Sheffield. 13th – 15 th October 2017

Bloc Projects Billboard
One Love

Over the past six years I have been investigating the idea that vibrations are the one thing that connects us all, man, animal and machine. Technological advancement has created a change in the development of human interaction and behaviour.

A new body of stencil work has emerged inspired by ancient Sanskrit symbolism combined with modern day mathematics and my interest in old anatomical diagrams. Individually hand cut paper designs are made using vintage music scores, bringing past cultural histories into the present conveying the notion that music is a universal language without boundaries.

This work is the largest to date and has allowed me to experiment with spray paint, a new media to me. Taking my work out of the studio and onto the street has been an exciting learning curb. I’m looking forward to where this might take my future work.

28th July – 2nd September 2017

Hope Works
No Bounds Festival

No Bounds Festival was the brainchild of Liam O’Shea of Hope Works Sheffield, Split into separate day and night sections bringing together an audience from all sides of the globe, the 18-hour marathon was the dress rehearsal for the main event in October 2017.

With the underlying theme of supporting women in a male dominated industry, all forms of live coding, electronic music, experimental and visual art performances were brought together across two venues in Sheffield – Hope Works and Trafalgar Works, old industrial warehouses of Sheffields past heritage.

A techno heavy sound brought the festival to a late night close and put smiles on peoples faces as a community of creatives were invited to celebrate together.

Trafalgar Works/Hope Works, Sheffield. 9th June 2017

The Florrie
14 Hour Super Weird Happening

On April Fools’ the record label, Super Weird Substance, hosted its most ambitious event to date – a 14 hour long Happening that took place over The Florrie, a stunning Grade II Victorian community heritage venue in Liverpool.

Contributions from plethora of artists, including art installations, exhibitions, panel discussions, spoken word, live art, acrobats, musicians, live bands, DJs.  Everyone participating gave their time and energy free of charge – all profits were donated to The Florrie, which is in constant need of funds, surviving largely through the passion of those who run it.

 ‘The intention of the Happening was to bring together the various individuals and collectives whose paths we’ve crossed since launching Super Weird Substance on April Fools’ Day 2014.’ Greg Wilson.

The Florrie, Liverpool. 1st April 2017

City Mag Front Cover
‘If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On.’

February’s edition of City Mag featured a work that was especially designed for the front cover. The Anti-Valentines theme was a mixed media work that had elements of ink drawing, hand cut paper and collage. In the video you can watch the process of my work unfolding for this project and gain an insight into the thoughts and theories behind my practice.


City Mag/Vibe RMC Media, Sheffield. February 2017


Hope Works
Mapping Creativity

For Year of Making, and in conjunction with the BBC Music Day, Hope Works put together an extraordinary night, fusing together music, visual art and performance.  Across a sculpture of a drop hammer and molten steel pouring ladles, projectors animated visuals from Sheffield artists across its surfaces with a light and music backdrop from local DJs. An art exhibition in a non-formal gallery environment. A dance night with a provocative artistic performance.

‘The Mapping Creativity Event brought together a sensory experience that really was about being the moment. Watching the visual projections on the bare industrial fabric of Hope Works ceiling as well as on the towering stage over the DJ’s whilst engulfed by the vibrations of music in the air, surely makes it hard to define in words what that looked, sounded and felt like. This opportunity gave me the perfect platform to show my work to an unconventional audience and give it another dimension as well as being part of a larger creative community.’

Hope Works, Sheffield. 3rd June 2016

Collaborative Mixed Art Performance
Travelling Theater Company presents, Home is Where I exist, Now to Live and Die

A live mixed art performance presented by The Travelling Shadow Theatre inspired by Jim Ghedis’ debut album ‘Home is Where I exist, Now to Live & Die’.
This mixed art event was conducted by a team of artists using shadow puppetry, live projections, art, object installations and live sound / music.
The shows running dialogue focused on theme’s of travelling / exploring the new, to then making that journey back to reconnect to home. Emphasising on elements such as industrial environments, inner city movement, dark & light, homelessness, night life, nature, loneliness and bridging a gap between individual and outer communication.
Performed by:
Liz Von Graevenitz – Projections / Object Installation / Live Art
Lois Conlan – Puppetry / Shadow Art / Object Theatre
Jim Ghedi – Sound & Music / Field Recordings / Noise
Ric Booth – Sound & Music / Object Installation / Noise
Toby Hay – Sound & Music

Bloc Projects, Sheffield. 24th November 2015.

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The Outsider
short film about the Roma in Sheffield

The Outsider is a short film about Liz’s research into the Roma community living in Sheffield. It hints at the struggles of an artist trying to break into a community that is not trusting of strangers. Persecuted and ostracised from mainstream society for generations, the Roma have become isolated and protective about whom they let into their communities. Liz wanted to give members of the Roma community a voice and explore what they knew and what was important to them about their dying culture.


International Artists Exchange

Regular Line is a residency and exhibition program that enables artists from across the whole spectrum of the arts to collaborate and engage internationally with fellow artists. The project was set up by Nástupište 1-12 in Slovakia, a multimedia space for contemporary culture. This unusual, urban gallery space enables selected artists to create and display artwork that is site-specific, and sustains dialogs between artists and non-traditional gallery viewers.

The First Regular Line Topoľčany/Sheffield was in 2013. Liz von Graevenitz is the English Coordinator for Regular Line in Sheffield, and the Curator for the Sheffield Artists in Nástupište 1-12.

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